Jack Kassewitz

Some of my favorite photos.

Jack is working with a dolphin named Merlin in shape recognition using a computer.
Jack works with a young sperm whale in Key Largo, Florida. 
Jack is interviewing the Amazing Randi for the TV Show "Anomaly." www.Anomaly3D.tv
Pumpkin, at Jungle Island Miami, contemplates what to do next.
Jack tries a new way to teach shape recognition and orientation. 
Jack working with a friend who was paralyzed several years ago. This research centers on brain plasticity learned from his dolphin interactions. 
Manuel with dolphins.
Jack and interns swim with Manuel.
Great Photos by Bill Wetmore at Jungle - Miami
2 day old porcupine I photographed at Glenn Fried's. 
Capuchin before bottle feeding at Jungle island - Miami
Jack using a computer to identify specific vocalizations from a dolphin. 
Some of the computers donated by Panasonic's Toughbook division. 
Donna and Manuel with interns helphing him in the water. 
Donna works with Manuel.
These were taken as we introduced our new video glassed so we could capture our language lessons.
One month old Capuchin
Peanut during chemotherapy.
1 day old Tamandua at Glenn Fried's.
The perfect TV show....Paranormal Dolphins!
If I knew that Dolphins had fingers, I would have been teaching them Sign Language!
A Koala at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. SC.
A Lion at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.
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